Extended Reality Tactical Training

Extend Your Training Possibilities & Improve Your Fire Readiness

Provide your organization with access to high risk training that is repeatable, convincing and engaging. Without risk, without environmental impact, without expensive setup and cleanup.
Impossible training scenarios become possible.

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Training Safety

Fire training with no safety hazards or carcinogenic exposure.


The fire, smoke and suppression agent all act according to fire physics, with a clarity that wlll have you question if it is truly real.


Portable and easy set-up. No wasted materials, no messy cleanup. Indoor training.

Lower Costs

Unlimited access to training, performed as often as needed.

Embodied Cognition

Mixed Reality Training Solutions

Using cutting-edge technology, our solutions deliver a realistic experience to your eyes and ears that will trick your brain into thinking that you are actually experiencing the scenario. “That was warm in there” – a firefighter experiencing the flashover room “Did you light something? I can smell the smoke” – a member of public experiencing a scenario.

We specialize in VR & AR development for fire training and emergency services.

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Train for life

About Us

Our solutions are built on the foundation of a passion for helping save firefighter’s lives – both on-scene and from long-term exposure impacts - by providing superior training tools. Training has become less and less accessible and in some cases is impossible.

There is no such thing as safe smoke.

We specialize in creating Extended or Mixed reality fire training tools – providing you with an innovative and safe solution.

We specialize in VR & AR development – this sector offers innovative solution.

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Catapult Design Studios

How we work with our customers

Our subject matter experts are meticulous in ensuring that the experience of each scenario us accurate. We also strive to make the training process as simple as possible, with custom designed carrying cases that ensure that setup time is less than 20 minutes.

Yes, our customers make a one-time purchase of the hardware required to deliver top quality Extended Reality, and pay an annual subscription for the training modules.
It’s as simple as placing your order. Your carrying cases will arrive pre-packed with plug-and-play equipment, modified fire extinguishers, a setup guide and a trouble shooting guide. A help desk is available if you have any questions, and an optional swap program is available to ensure minimal downtime if you encounter any issues.
Yes. A select group of customers will be invited to join round table discussions on future modules as they are designed.

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