Fire Safety Solutions

At Catapult, we develop real-world solutions in a virtual environment to enhance safety training at a lower cost.

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Fire Extinguisher Training Module:

Our solution uses a real extinguisher which is modified for Extended Reality, mixing the real world with digital content that the participant can interact with. While wearing the headset, the participant sees a fire that looks real, picks up a real extinguisher, pulls the pin, and squeezes to spray the agent that accurately puts the fire out. The fire behaves accurately in how it spreads and how it reacts to the extinguishing agent, and the distance. The participant has visual cues of P.A.S.S. Extending past what would be possible in real life, the participant can put out not just a paper fire, but also a grease fire and an electrical fire.

This scenario is in Augmented Reality, where the person can always see their true surroundings for extra safety.

Flashover Training Module:

Structure fires are less frequent now, but are becoming more dangerous due to new construction techniques and materials. Did you know that many fire departments have a response time similar to the time that it takes a room to flash? Did you know that some rural departments have no training to enter a structure?

Through realistic training that does not feel like a video game, we strive to provide training that will keep our firefighters and the general public safer.

This is an observational scenario that would not be possible to witness in it’s entirety in real life. The stages of the fire can be seen from incipient phase, through growth phase, off-gassing, roll-over and flashing. All this occurs in a realistic room using Virtual Reality, but with a portal to the real environment to help keep a person stabilized.

This is not only important for fire fighter education, but also a useful tool in encouraging the general public to be more fire-aware. In our experience in showing this module to the public, the participant expresses the desire to check their fire extinguishers, their placement, and replace the 1lb extinguishers with 10lb extinguishers. This is also a great visual to help create empathy amongst those that set fire department training budgets!

Roadside scenario:

Realistic and stressful roadside scenario with highway traffic flying by as the participant works with a training dummy.

Smoke Reading:

Realistic smoke behaviour as viewed from the outside of a building for various scenarios, with a the ability to travel around the building for a 360 view as the fire spreads, grows, and is controlled in various ways. Would you like your training need to be on this list?

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Customized Augmented Reality Training Programs

With it's unique high graphic quality and user friendly interfaces, Catapult provides the best user experience for mobile AR training.

Simulation-Based Training and Skill Development

Train in a safe environment with no risk of damage, pollution, and extra expensive for real-world fire training.

Consultation and Implementation Support

Our experience is in real-world fire training, so we can bridge both worlds and provide the best training solutions at lower costs.